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The wind industry´s preferred project management application.

Why SUM-IT was Established:

The SUM-IT team brings forth extensive expertise in project management, particularly within the wind industry. While overseeing the management of construction sites, we encountered challenges associated with laborious and error-prone spreadsheets used for monitoring daily activities, progress, costs, and deviations.

This prompted us to conceptualize a digital platform capable of automating the aggregation and processing of data.

In 2019, we took the initiative to transform this vision into reality, and SUM-IT was born.

Our animation gives a detailed insight in SUM-IT´s many features.

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Operational Mechanism:

SUM-IT is typically configured and implemented by the primary contractor, facilitating invited subcontractors to seamlessly generate and submit daily reports through our online platform.

In instances where the primary contractor opts not to utilize SUM-IT, subcontractors can independently establish their projects. Subsequently, they can extend invitations to the primary contractor, ensuring a streamlined process for online review and acceptance of daily reports.

User Base:

SUM-IT is designed to deliver equal value to all stakeholders, be it subcontractors, main contractors, O.E.Ms, developers, or end clients

Effortless Project Setup:

Adaptable configurations empower SUM-IT to seamlessly align with diverse requirements. Users can independently perform setups, eliminating the necessity for intervention from the SUM-IT team.

Whether initiating a project from the ground up or utilizing personalized templates, a comprehensive project setup can be accomplished efficiently within a few hours.

Streamlined Daily Reporting:

SUM-IT introduces a streamlined and efficient workflow, simplifying the reporting process and saving valuable time for both users and managers. Through our online platform, users can effortlessly generate and submit daily reports, eliminating the need for printed documentation and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Managers benefit from the ability to review reports online, expediting a paperless approval process. Online communication facilitates manager’s feedback on specific activities. In cases of disputes or discrepancies, reports can be partially accepted, allowing non-approved activities and associated costs to be excluded from overviews.

Detailed resource tracking by name, along with timelines, allows for prompt verification of accurate bookings, while the system instantly identifies missing or duplicated entries, preventing potential errors.

Cost Management:

Tasks and resources can be directly priced within SUM-IT, either on an hourly basis or as lump-sums. This feature provides a significant advantage, as comprehensive cost overviews are accessible with just a few clicks.

Invoicing between organizations is facilitated through continuous updates and approvals throughout the project.


Record Of Event – R.O.E allows to generate detailed documentation for deviations, based on already existing data recorded in daily reports, including activities, recourses, cost, attachments, pictures etc.

This makes it effortless escalating cost of extra work or standby and the impact of the schedule, between stakeholders and organizations.

Record of events can be shared online, reviewed, accepted, or rejected by the receiver no matter if a subcontractor or End Client.

Progress Monitoring & KPIs:
SUM-IT provides detailed progress overviews, showcasing the progress of each task, start and stop times, and total hours, including extra work and standby. The system enables the estimation of each task in terms of duration and total resource hours, facilitating a comparison of estimated versus real-time registrations. Discrepancies are displayed in hours and percentage formats, allowing for easy evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

250+ project´s successfully executed world wide.

Support Services:
Our dedicated support team, with extensive experience in the wind industry, guarantees comprehensive support and assistance within hours.
Training Programs:
Onboard training is available for groups or individuals, online, at your location, or on-site. Tailored to specific needs, our training programs ensure a seamless transition to utilizing SUM-IT.

Our support team has many years experience within the wind industry.

About Us:

ZYKO SOLUTIONS, founded in 2019 with offices in Poland and Denmark, is dedicated to our in-house developed Project Management Application – SUM-IT.

Our vision has consistently aimed at creating an intuitive project management tool that delivers equal value to all stakeholders, streamlining the management of construction sites, daily reporting, time, and cost control.

Our mission is to continuously improve and refine the platform in close collaboration with our clients, valuing feedback and implementing innovative ideas.


ul. Kręta 9,

66-600 Marcinowice