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What is SUM-IT​

SUM-IT is a cloud-based project management application to streamline and standardize the daily reporting, cost control and registration of progress on the construction site. It allows all organizations involved in the project to register and share the information on daily progress. Organizations can generate summary reports to better understand current state of the projects, costs of unplanned tasks and downtime, and can log all disputes daily.

SUM-IT is widely used in windfarm construction projects, but it is designed to be used on any type of construction projects.

Why we created SUM-IT

Over the years, organizations participating in construction of a wind farm were using Excel spreadsheets for registration of a daily progress. That turned out to be time consuming and error prone. At the end of the project, companies often had different interpretations and number of claims caused by downtime and additional work. SUM-IT eliminates the risk of errors caused by keeping multiple Excel sheets within the project and errors in calculation of the cost. At the end of the project, there is no room for different interpretations and disputes, as all its history is registered in SUM-IT.

Who can use SUM-IT?

SUM-IT is suitable for all stakeholders involved in construction projects, including OEMs, end clients, main contractors, and subcontractors. Our goal is to make SUM-IT your preferred project management tool. 

How it works?

As a main contractor you configure the project and invite your subcontractors to create and submit online daily reports.  

As a subcontractor you can join the project created by contractor and submit your daily reports to be reviewed and accepted.   

Your contractor or subcontractors do not use SUM-IT? No problem, you can use SUM-IT stand-alone and send printed version of the daily reports to your client.  

Easy project setup

Configure the project to fit your contract. Create entire project from scratch or use project templates and complete a full project setup in less than an hour. 

  • Invite your contractors 
  • Define construction stages and tasks 
  • Add required resources 
  • Add estimates 
  • Price resources in the project and define lump sum cost  

Daily reporting

Create, submit, review and accept daily reports online.   

  • Two step approval allowing the creator to submit reports for final approval by a manager
  • Timelines for fast and easy control of correct booking of hours of persons and equipment
  • Partly Accepted – allowing to accept only part of a daily report, not accepted activities can be filtered out in cost overview
  • Add comments
  • Multiple users can book hours in the same daily report, team leads, operators, drivers etc., to minimize the workload of site managers and save time

Cost control

Define hourly price of resources or lump sum for completing tasks and construction stages. SUM-IT will calculate cost based on time registered against resources and based on progress of your tasks.

  • Review full project cost on project overview
  • Control cost of stand by and extra work
  • Export to excel



SUM-IT provides an overview of task and construction stage progress, allowing users to reconcile registered time with estimates. 



SUM-IT offers comprehensive support with guaranteed assistance within hours. Our support team is not only knowledgeable in SUM-IT, but also has relevant industry expertise.

Onboard training

Onboard training is available for groups or individuals, with a focus on providing an in-depth understanding of the SUM-IT platform and how to use it effectively. The training covers all aspects of SUM-IT, from project setup to daily reporting and cost control. 


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